Ten Design Tips to Make a Big Impact

1. Paint your windows dark

Darker windows give contrast to light walls and gives a home a huge upgrade. A high gloss black is always preferred, but a grey or dusty dark purple frames the view outside and looks custom.

Found on home bunch.com
Found on home bunch.com

2. Flowers can be the brightest color in the room

Pick a color and accessorize. Using flowers is nature’s stamp on a warm welcome every time you come home. From fragrant to architectural, a floral arrangement can compliment any design style.

3. Lighting

The most important element to any space. It’s what creates the atmosphere of every area in the home. Lighting should be abundant, properly planned and not all decorative. Be practical and use lighting so you can see as well and not just to make a statement!!!

4. When in doubt, re-furbish with paint

Get inspired and transform an old heirloom or questionable piece of furniture with a fresh coat of paint and highlight details to add interest like the gilded gold on this period style piece.

Found on mydomaine.com

5. Paint your bedroom a dark soothing color

Popular colors that aren’t going away into 2016 are black, dusty blues, dark grays, and chocolate browns. It will help you sleep and creates a decadent and serene space.

6. Personalize and splurge on a great paint in certain areas

Shake up a room with a vibrant paint on a custom built-in, interior doors, an accent wall or furniture piece. Fine Paints of Europe, or Farrow & Ball are great choices.

Found on Luxe Interiors+Design
Found on Luxe Interiors+Design

7. Add layers

Pile coffee tables with books and objects. Accessorize using fashion and travel hardbacks adjacent to sculptural objects, arranged flowers, or candy dishes.

Found on CasaVogue

8. Collect artwork, one frame at a time and soon you’ve obtained a collection

Size doesn’t matter just collect what speaks to you and easily you’ll have a collection worth conversation.

Found on flickr.com

9. Books are essential and can be used everywhere

Books reflect education and a good habit that you read and not just for show. Continuing a culture of learning is cultivating and mature. So, show off your personality.

Found on yellow trace.com.au

10. Use edible decor in the kitchen

It keeps the kitchen alive and active. A pile of citrus fruits makes for refreshing beverages, or a pastry display that previews your cultural palette.

Found on Veranda.com