Home Work : Crafting the Perfect Home Office

There are countless benefits to working at home, not the least of which is the opportunity to design a work space that's as beautiful as it is efficient.


If you're lucky, you have more than one location to choose from for your home office: a spare bedroom; a seldom used dining area; an attic. Look for a space where you can "switch off" work at the end of the day. A room with a door is ideal. Spend about a month working in any potential area before you make things permananet. This way you can assure it's not too near family distractions or too far away from family responsibilities.

Image Source; Ciao! Newport Beach via Pinterest

Image Source; Ciao! Newport Beach via Pinterest


Since you may be spending as much time in here as in the rest of the house, give design the same attention you would elsewhere. Sure, all those ideas you see on Pinterest are adorable, but how will that tiny vintage desk look pined with papers and what will those upholstered dining room chairs do to your back when you're working in them 40 hours a week? Stick with an ergonomically-wise desk and natural wall color, but incorporate fun splashes of color into the rug, or on pillows atop a comfy sofa or chair where you can take a reading or thinking break. Include personal mementos and pictures you can switch out from time to time. And introduce homey touches you couldn't get away with in an office cubicle, such as scented candles or an essential oil diffuser.

Have the space but just no design direction for your study? See our blog on the, Well Read: Desirable Reading Room, to spark inspiration for your home’s quiet room.