Focus on the Art

The art and photography in these spaces create a focal point. I just love it! I feel that without the art the spaces are just well designed but the mediums adds personality. 


1. Found on ECLECchic: ELEGANCIA CONTEMPORANEA, 2. Interiors by Studio Munge, 3. Interiors by Cynthia Collins and Caroline Eastman via BluePrint, 4. Barcelona Project, found on Galeria Miquel Alzueta, 5. Interiors by Gary Riggs, 6. ELLE Decor’s Modern Life Concept House, Interiors by Anthony Todd, Artwork by Thomas Fougeirol, 7. Architectural Digest, Interiors by Delphine Krakow, Painting by Al Held, 8. Charlotte Moss, French Garden triptych from Century Furniture, seen on LuxeSource, 9. Modern Art Circle, painting by Celine Ziang Art.