15 Holiday Wreaths to Inspire Serious Front Door Envy

If you’re feeling as festive as we are here and in the mood to jump-start your holiday decorating, look no further than these gorgeous wreaths. Nothing greets your visitors quite like a gorgeous wreath on the front door. From DIY stunners to store-bought wonders, we’ve hand-picked fifteen of our very favorites; any of them would add a simple and affordable decorative touch to your front door and interior decor.

Take a tip from designer Scot Meacham Wood and save yourself some time while still getting an amazing look. Scot buys a basic faux wreath for a base rather than creating one from scratch. Then he weaves in fresh magnolia leaves, Douglas and Noble fir branches, oranges, pears, grean apples, crabapples, and pinecones. The natural elements add warmth and color for a striking focal point. 
— Traditional Home, Festive Holiday Wreaths
{Image Source: Tradtional Home}

{Image Source: Tradtional Home}

{Cover Image Source: Traditional Home}