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What I hated most about working a 9-5 was the toll it took on my health. From skipping lunches to snacking on candy around the office. The stress eating...if you know what I mean. When you're pushed to meet deadlines and constantly in front of people its easy to forget to eat and make unhealthy choices, feeling lethargic (both mentally and physically) was a common theme. Even now running my own business and making my own schedule it's easy to fall back into some of those unhealthy habits.  So I've put together a very simple list and effective ways to make your health a priority throughout the day. 


Because of my incredibly strong sweet tooth, I'm always craving sugary treats throughout the day. Although candy and chocolate are satisfying in the moment, they make it so difficult to stay energized and focused. When I opt for healthier snacks, like fruits and yogurt (still sweet!), I find myself able to last much longer without wanting to crash.  


I still struggle with this one but I've definitely made some improvement. If you're feeling drowsy throughout the day or loosing energy, chances are you're dehydrated. Try keeping a bottle of water at your desk or if you're on the go a lot (like me) , invest in a thermos that can keep your liquids at the right temperature throughout the day. Just remember to sip it. My goal is to refill it every hour (it's a start!).


Staying in a dark office all day can be depressing, so make sure you get outside. Take a few minutes to catch some rays by having lunch outside, park further away and take that longer walk, grab a friend or sit by yourself and bathe in the Vitamin D with no distractions. You'll feel so reenergized after!


Between the strain on your eyes, your back, and even your wrists (from typing!), it's important to take physical breaks throughout the day. I don't just mean sitting on the couch in the break room, but also moving your body and getting the blood flowing. I'm a huge fan of going for walks when I need a break. The movement, the change in scenery, and the break from the computer screen are all really helpful!


A mental break is not taking a break from work and playing on Facebook. Give your mind time to truly zone out and relax. If you like to meditate, I definitely recommend incorporation that into your workday. Otherwise, try sitting in a park or a quiet room, closing your eyes, and just takin long deep breaths. when you're working hard, it can feel like your mind is going a million miles an hour. So giving it a rest is super important! Plus, it's a great way to destress.

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