Designer Spotlight: Phoebe Howard

Atlanta-based interior designer Phoebe Howard impresses her clients to fulfill their respective wish lists. Phoebe has a delicate and skillfully, calculated sense of style with her choice of muted color schemes, eye-catching furniture silhouettes, and fresh Southern embellishments.

I would say I’m an updated, traditional decorator. I believe in classic forms and styles, but I’m constantly trying to find fresh ways to tweak a timeless look with color, art, or accessories.
— Phoebe Howard, Southern Living, Meet Phoebe Howard

A store-owner, published author, and furniture maker, Phoebe and her also talented husband James Micheal Howard are a sought after designing duo. Phoebe’s design style draws you in, although it’s pretty and everything is in it’s rightful place, you still just want to curl up in the cozy corner she’s thoughtfully decorated just for those moments of calm life grants you. I respect the honesty in her decorating because it’s livable despite the luxury textiles and custom furnishings, it still exudes a feeling of home.

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Image Source: Traditional Home

Image Source: Traditional Home

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