Valentine's Day №3 | CAPSULE OF LOVE

As someone who loves making a special occasion even more special for those on my list, a valentine straight from your heart and hands always seems to make the sweetest statement. This cute and personalized gift is sure to make those in your life feel extra special. It's perfect for your colleagues, party favors, and even the kiddos. So this year, give those one-and-only the gift of your time by making this DIY Valentines Capsule. 


This is so easy to make and cost less than $10.

(Everything shown was purchased from Michael's Crafts Store from their last-minute-grab bins at the check-out counter)

Here's a visual slideshow with each step in how to make your candy capsule. I picked heart shaped jelly candies for adding color and significance to the occasion but any miniature candy will work. Just make sure to consider the diameter of the tube's opening when making candy selections.