The Benefits of Chia Seeds

This awesome little superfood has many health benefits for the whole body. Chia seeds are a great antioxidant, energy booster, and fiber-enriched source. Need to detox? There's no reason not to add chia seeds to your daily diet. To learn more about this and the other benefits of this super-food read the article from BYRDIE. See how they improve your health with these six benefits found in BYRDIE's article.

Image Source: Byrdie

Image Source: Byrdie

1. Can banish bloat

2. Help fight off free radicals  

3. More calcium than milk

4. Healthy hair, skin, and nails

5. Powerful stress-buster

6. Aid in weight loss  

Preparing your shopping list? Try these delicious and health-boosting drink recipes using chia seeds:

Chia Lemonade with Mint:

...and 13 more here.

Image Source: TasteSpotting

Image Source: TasteSpotting